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Handloom and Power loom Industry

Handloom and Power loom Industry

July 24, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Convenience and quality are often associated with technology. But when it comes to power loom, quality critiques are saying not in another million years. 

With technology leapfrogging and our struggle to improve the quality of life, the outcry for advancement is still echoing in our economy.

Handloom is one such industry that makes us question whether technological progress takes us a step forward or backwards. 

If this sounds silly to you, then read on!

Today, we are going to explore the continuing tussle between handloom and power loom. The difference lies in the craft and good spread of opportunities across a wide area than a concentrated and congested infrastructure. 

Is there a better way to describe handloom than calling it the lifeblood of Indian handcrafts and weavers?

The handloom resonates with the different wooden frames used by artisans to weave fabric using natural fibres. Popular as eco-friendly and natural, Indian handloom is as old as the Indus Valley civilization. Maximum employment opportunities and zero electricity usage, artisans can use their mastery and wooden tools for creating beautiful fabrics.  Even better Handloom improves in quality for the first few washes. It gives a feeling of a loved one’s hug and its physical and psychological health benefits are to be experienced. Losing this to a lesser alternative is a crime against human ingenuity and wellbeing.

You might have heard of eCommerce biggies, selling cheap clothing with sheen

Mechanized infrastructure of the power loom industry drive over 60% of the clothes we wear.

It follows a fully automated process for mass production instead of human finesse and is limited to certain designs replications. They operate using huge machines that corrodes huge natural resources. Considered the easiest and faster way, meets with the current market demand. With the latest technology looms and optimized efficiency, mass production is now morphing into something else. Heavy usage of synthetic fabrics has left few milligrams of synthetic content in human body and is evidently causing havoc with human health.

SreeRani aims at nurturing a good terrain for empowering the perishing Indian handloom. After a lengthy lull, the handloom industry is gearing back to life. It is time for us to accept the timelessness of traditional artistry. The future of our planet and individual well-being can be greatly impacted by the choice of your cloth. So, get ready to boast your dainty outfits and rich tradition with the masterpieces.

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