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How to identify handloom sarees?

How to identify handloom sarees?

July 24, 2021 Uncategorized 0

The pride of Indian tradition, a rich culture embellished into a 6-yard saree. 

You may think you know the difference between authentic and replica of Indian handloom. But can you really identify one?

 Even if you have a labelled handloom saree safely kept on the dark ends of your closet, chances are it may be an imitation of the original. You heard us right!

Technology leapfrogging over the handloom industry has not only made the lives of ordinary artisans difficult but, they are also forced to sell their final products at cheap rates. Nevertheless, huge companies that rule over the current textile market earns triple the income by selling fake products. 

So, here it is! Today, we are going to take a look at the different ways to identify handloom sarees. Stay tight and, does not forget to check whether your saree is an original handloom! 

Imperfectly Perfect 

What is the beauty of human hands? It makes each creation unique. There will be mistakes, there will be imperfections, but it’s those minute inaccuracies that make it stand out. Handloom is powered by human hands and is a complete manual operated system. Each thread in your saree is in there because the artisan decided so. It is a time-consuming process that involves abundant patience and passion. So, look closely and find that non-uniformity in patterns. 

Fine art

The handloom threads are finer as they are caressed by human ingenuity and love for the art. So compare a saree from Sreerani and the ones you may have.

Smooth Finish 

Now, touch your saree. What do you feel? An authentic handloom saree is soft and delicate as silk. The smooth texture is not at all an exaggeration. Indian handlooms are perfect in their finish, and you can sense the warmness of their fabric as you touch them. Feel it? No wonder why people say Indian sarees are emotions! 

Old but Gold 

You may be surprised to hear that even a saree can age beautifully. The magic whisper of Indian handloom gives sarees a new life as they get old. Even though they are delicate and fragile like a jasmine flower, ageing lends them elegance and glory. 

Indian handloom sarees are more than a piece of cloth to us. The value that we associate with them is the value that we give for the hard labour of our weavers. Finding authenticity in a world of duplicity is a rare thing. But once you embrace it, there is no going back. SreeRani makes this impossible possible. We bring the real ones to your fingertips. Together with SreeRani, let’s appreciate our traditional looms again.

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